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[FREEBASE] Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee – Vanilla Bean 100ml 3mg (USA)

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Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee – Vanilla Bean 100ml 3mg (USA)

What type of java sensation do you want to start the vaping day off with? How about Vanilla Bean – Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee 100ml? This is a luxurious blend of gooey caramel, smooth coffee. It’s sorta reminiscent of a tantalizing coffee beverage that you’d get at the local café. With every draw, streams of intoxicating flavors wash over your palate, refreshing you while pleasing your sweet tooth in the process.

The inhale gives you a blast of coffee flavor that soaks the taste buds. Then, the warm and comforting taste of creaminess teases the tongue before a rush of gooey caramel satisfies the sweet tooth. On the exhale, velvety milk saturates the palate.

Vanilla Bean vape juice from Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee arrives in a large bottle with a huge cloud chasing base of 80/20 VG/PG that vapers can certainly enjoy.

If you enjoy a café-style iced coffee, you have got to start hitting this incredible, ADV E-Liquid today.

Package Contents Include:

1 x 100ml bottle of Vanilla Bean by Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee

VG/PG: 80/20
Flavor Profile: Coffee, Caramel, Vanilla